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Our aim is to reduce labour cost and labour fatigue by Low Cost Automation. Low Cost Automation is the wonderful way to reduce cost. Today's highly competent business environment continuous improvement in technology is required sometimes it involves. Considerable investment which small companies can not always afford.

About Company

The company is looked after by Sh. Chander Mohan Thakur and Dinker Thakur . We have a vast experience of Production items in engineering industries we have automated our machines by L.C.A ( Low Cost Automation )for our unit. Now we have diversified in to manufacture of the following machines.

  1. Hydro-Pneumatic self feed drilling machine
  2. Hydro-Pneumatic self feed deep hole drilling machine
  3. Multi spindle self feed hydro-Pneumatic and hydraulic drill machines
  4. Special purpose self feed drilling machines
  5. Friction tapping machines
  6. Pitch control tapping machines and multi spindle tapping machines
  7. Hydro-Pneumatic linear feed units
  8. Hydro-Pneumatic Facing and Turning Bench lathes
  9. Flow / Thermal Drilling Machines
  10. Jigs & Fixtures
  11. Linear Slides

We care while we make things better. We procure components from the world's best companies.
Our strategy focuses on innovating and using latest technologies to develop new machines at affordable prices